Get unique guidance from a master astrologer

Invoke the companionship you desire by changing the mythos you inhabit with group intent, digging, ritual and support.

Transform your experience of relationship and your “7th house” experience in 4 weeks!

with the

“Astrology of Your Soul Mate Course”

Never again wonder,
“Will I ever be happy in relationship?”

You’ll take the reigns on the creative process unfolding in your life through mythic understanding of your current experience related to your soul’s mythos and the upgrades in that realm that will give you what you want.

Feel like a master
in your life and relationships.

Often relationships are like sailing. We’re sailing along in the sunshine and all of a sudden, the weather changes and you’re in stormy seas. As good pilots and navigators, we can safely navigate the stormy waters and get to the other side, where the sun shines again. Knowing your mythic story and choosing to shift it makes you a better pilot. Your clarity is a strong rutter.

You’ll be in charge.

No longer will you feel like a victim of bad relationship. You’ll gain tools of perspective and mastery so you can sail through relationships like a happy sailer. You may also find a greater level of fulfillment in your current relationships as you shift your mythic perspective and that ripples out into your life in a positive way.

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier.

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a welcome e-mail with access to the membership area. The members area will hold all the information you need to successfully navigate the course.

The course runs for 4 weeks. It’s delivered through audio sessions, which you can listen to at your leisure, with an audio chat space so we have time together wherever and whenever it works for you.

You’ll also find much of what you need in your welcome email. Since the course is timeless, there’s no need to reserve time. You can listen whenever it’s convenient and share in the group when it’s convenient.

Everyone in the group has the same access and freedom. It’s like we’ll all be taking a trip or an adventure together into a transformation of relationship at a time when relationship is ready to be transformed and realigned.

Azlan will bring extra tools to dig for treasures in our relationship life. Some of these tools will address belief systems that may inhibit better relationship experiences and upgrading to beliefs that can hold a happier healthier relationship life.

Get guidance from a master astrologer

Hi, I’m Azlan

I’ve been practicing Astrology for over 30 years. I made the decision to “become an Astrologer” at 17 and began intensive study in books at that time, followed by live teachings, conferences and in-depth apprenticeships I could find at that time!

During my course of study, I encountered true Star Beings, who taught me Astrology after teaching me “another way of seeing my world.” This way did not involve any sort of victim consciousness, but instead creator consciousness that embodied our use of these planetary and mythic energies for our better and highest good as per our intuition, resonance and decisions in every moment.

In no way are we ever at effect, or victims of, the stars’ planetary energies. Instead they are more like the changing weather or a rotating palette of colors on our paint brush dipping spread.

As we learn to harness these energies more and more wisely, we become more tuned to the energy world so that we never feel like a victim of anything again, but can instead understand our place within the cycles and our ability to choose.

I’ve developed a Treasure Map that has a different way of seeing your star chart. I look forward to being together in the mystical dialogue of your life.

Treasure Map of Your Soul

Your own birth chart provides a kind of treasure map of your soul. By understanding the mythic potentials in your chart, both lived and un-lived, you can choose a path of mythic upgrade for your relationship fulfillment.

We’ll be looking into the soulful relationships our charts define and the ways that upgrades can arrive into that mythos.

Be a Part of the Fun

When you join, you’ll also get access to a community area in the membership site, where members of the course can share with each other, as an added way to have empowering discourse.

In no way is your love life ever at effect — or a victim of — the stars’ planetary energies.

Get guidance from a master astrologer