A FREE Gift for you to Welcome Abundance

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Learn through this fun, hands-on course how to invest and grow wealth in crypto currency. My unique expert astrological perspective will delight and fascinate you.

What You Get

Never again wonder, “What’s going on in the stars today?”

You’ll know what’s going on in advance. After you sign up, you’ll receive a link to book your spot. At your forecast appointment, you’ll receive a personal astrological weather forecast. It’s a summary of the energy weather as it relates to you.

Feel like a master life surfer.

Whether there’s a storm brewing or sunshine predicted for days, you’ll be able to see the waves that are coming before they arrive. Now that’s powerful.

How This Will Serve You

You’ll be in charge.

Your Star Weathere Whale astrological weather forecast helps create awareness for you to make the best decisions for you. When you’re aware, you’re better able to work any challenges and not be tossed around by them unwittingly.

Without the knowledge this forecast provides, you can find yourself tumbling through the day, getting irritated or aggravated. Being armed with the knowledge this forecast provides will lead to your ability to be more productive because you can schedule your tasks when they make the most sense. It’ll also allow you to take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise miss.

“Sailed through the week with peace and relaxation…

I told my group of friends what your forecast said. I noticed that the people who didn’t have the information you provided had a rocky week whereas those of us who had the information ahead of time sailed through the week with peace and relaxation because we knew we had to get things done early in the week based on your forecast.”

Edward Kim

How It Works

It couldn’t be easier.

Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a welcome e-mail with a calendar to book your spot. I’ll email you necessary information prior to your session. Use the insights to help you move through your day and make choices that work best for you.

Extraordinarily fitting…

Good information and timing… Find it so fitting… Extraordinarily so.”

— Gustav Alina

Love the analysis…

Love this analysis…it resonates with everything around me today.”

— Barbara Chobocky

Guidance and clarity…

Thank you for sharing this with us… the guidance, the awareness and the clarity is very helpful!!!”

— Kelly

A FREE Gift for you to Welcome Abundance

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Hi, I’m Azlan

I’ve been practicing Astrology for over 30 years. I made the decision to “become an Astrologer” at 17 and began intensive study in books at that time, followed by live teachings, conferences and in-depth apprenticeships I could find at that time!

During my course of study, I encountered true Star Beings, who taught me Astrology after teaching me “another way of seeing my world.” This way did not involve any sort of victim consciousness, but instead creator consciousness that embodied our use of these planetary and mythic energies for our better and highest good as per our intuition, resonance and decisions in every moment.

In no way are we ever at effect, or victims of, the stars’ planetary energies. Instead they are more like the changing weather or a rotating palette of colors on our paint brush dipping spread.

As we learn to harness these energies more and more wisely, we become more tuned to the energy world so that we never feel like a victim of anything again, but can instead understand our place within the cycles and our ability to choose.

I’ve developed a Treasure Map that has a different way of seeing your star chart. I look forward to being together in the mystical dialogue of your life.

It’s Like Your
Psychological Umbrella

Like a regular weather forecast allows you to bring an umbrella when rain’s predicted, the Star Weather Whale Astrological Forecast prepares you for smooth or turbulent weather in the stars so you’re ready with a psychological umbrella.

You May Be Thinking

Do I have to click around to find things?

We’ve made this as easy as possible for you to get right to the good stuff. Your report will be waiting for you in your inbox first thing each morning.

What if I don’t know how to make sense of astrology?

That’s why I’ve created this. Astrology is confusing when people don’t realy know what to do with it. When you have this daily report, you’re psychologically well prepared.

What if the internet goes down?

Every place the world over, the internet goes down occasionally. However, the services we use guarantee a 99.9;% uptime, the highest any provider can offer. If by some unlikely chance your forecaset is delayed, you can rest assured that it’ll be forthcoming shortly.

What if my own internet goes down?

Your forecast is sent to your e-mail address so your e-mail host will likely have a copy on their servers stored as well as the copy that comes to your own in-box. If you miss a day for some reason, you can login to the site to check through past days any time.

How is this different from free astrology forecasts?

The feedback I constantly receive is that the consciousness shared in these daily posts assists people in living their best days and that they’ve never been able to find this anywhere else.

Most free forecsts are sign-based and very deterministic. Free horoscopes are usually both too general and too specific at the same time. They’re primarily based in victim-consciousness of things happening to us instead of through us.

Be a Part of the Fun

Join the, private Facebook group created just for members of this community. You’ll have access after you sign up. It’s so great to be able to share with other like-minded souls who are also consciously surfing these energies every day.

In no way is your life ever at effect — or a victim of — the stars’ planetary energies.

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A FREE Gift for you to Welcome Abundance

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