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to Azlan’s Cryptocurrency Course

May you be graced with abundance during this crypto course!

Welcome to the New Financial World of Cryptocurrency!

Our Future Finanacial System

Statistics say 4-5% of our world population is involved in crypto. I believe it is a bridge to our future financial system. And it’s become a new obsession of mine, leading to a million new friends, new community, new projects and a new feeling of being loved by the world that I’m grateful for.

This Course is Your Roadmap

I invite you into the spirit of crypto currency, with this wealth generation team. A free learning area, with modules to get you into the world of crypto and a roadmap if you’d like a way to travel through the learning process. There are SO MANY coins, it can be overwhelming at first with all the new terms and all the colored coins!

The Supportie Community

THIS FREE COURSE is given in the spirit of crypto: free money, community cooperation and generosity!

The goal of this hubspot of learning is to support you to get into this new money world and then join a community supporting each other to get rich!

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

The world of crypto is full of opportunity and alone it’s hard to capitalize on because there’s so much going on! As a group, we can all keep a finger on the pulse, bring new projects to look at, research together, solve problems and surf the new wealth wave in the giant wealth transfer that cryptocurrency offers us!

Learn at Your Own Pace

The course consists of modules that you can listen to and work on any time. There are PDF downloads that support your journey.

Roadmap Coming Soon

There’s a Roadmap, (coming soon) that’s a pathway you can follow entering the world of crypto in a good way!

Weekly Live Q&A Calls

You’ve got a WEEKLY LIVE CALL for connecting, questions, collaborating and research. Call-in details below.

Introducing the Inner Wolf Token

You received one token for signing up for the free course. This token gives you ongoing free access to all sound files, PDFs and live weekly Q&A calls.

You’il have opportunities to gain more IWT tokens that work to give you access to different things in the Inner Wolf Ecosystem (here on this learning hubspot, and beyond) .

You gain a token each time you sign up for an exchange using an affiliate link on the exchanges PDF form.

Call-In #: (518) 318-5093

I’ll open the call 10 minutes early so we can all get on the call, so join any time in that 10 minutes before. All calls start at:


1 pm PST
2 pm MST
3 pm CST
4 pm EST
10 pm Europe

NOTE: The calls will be recorded; you can find links below to listen back to any days you might miss.

Course Content

Module 1

We’ll sign up for some major Exchanges together on the call and download the list of cryptocurrency Exchanges to sign up for if you want to with affiliate links that allow you to earn FREE crypto.

Crypto Glossary

Part One

Crypto Resources

Reading & More

Crypto Exchanges

Includes Signup Links

    Module 2

    LISTEN (Recording Coming)

    • Followup on Exchanges
      NOTE: Coinbase takes three days to do a background check so we can check on our Coinbase accounts to see if they’ve been activated.
    • Q&A and troubleshooting on any Exchange signups
    • What’s an NFT? Today’s topic is Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs!

    Crypto NFTs

    Non-Fungible Tokens

    Module 3

    LISTEN (Recording Coming)

    • Journey into the MetaVerse
    • Learn about investment opportunities in the Metaverse, from real estate to gaming

    Module 4

    LISTEN (Recording Coming)

    Defi, Decentralized Loans, Crypto Staking, Bots and DAOs

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